Update Chunkbusters, Trench Pickaxes & Bug Fixes | First Factions Update!


Network Owner
Network Owner

After a very busy week, full of small bug fixes and massive changes. I present you with the first Official Factions update! These awesome features will be arriving upon the next Factions reboot.


Chunkbusters are cool things that you can place anywhere in the world and it will destroy all of the blocks in the chunk below where the chunkbuster is placed, all the way down to bedrock.


These chunkbusters can be purchased on our Server Store!

Trench Pickaxe Nerf:

Trench pickaxes where not a big thing upon release. Until we figured out how our economy was looking, we did not know that they where priced really cheaply. They have now been given a massive price buff, you can view the Trench Pickaxes on /store.

Minor Bug Fixes:

We have fixes a tone of bugs this week, with help from our awesome playerbase for reporting them! (Report bugs via discord, by making a new ticket or in Teamspeak)
Here is a list of some of the bugs that we have fixed, if you are interested:
- Some faction value not showing up in ftop.
- Permission fixes.
- Not being able to open up containers in own territory.
- Rank updates.
- Forums glitches.
- Teamspeak revamp. (ts.victrixnetwork.com)
- Buycraft revamps, and new domain. (store.victrixnetwork.com)
- VictrixBot, bug fixes and minor improvements to things like ping.
- Minor fixes and adjustments to the world border.
- ServerSelector fixes, added new Minigames gamemode
& Much much more!

In celebration of the release of the first Factions update we are throwing a massive 40% Off Sale on the Server Store all weekend long!