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    How's everyone doing today?
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    OFFICIAL Punishment Appeal - How To Submit An Appeal

    Hi, Here you can submit Punishment Appeals, Punishment Appeals cover Appeals for all types of Punishments from mutes to perm bans. Note: You cannot submit an appeal for a IP-Ban or a Ban which has the phrase "nounban" in it, you must email [email protected] to appeal these...
  4. TotallyNotCallum

    OFFICIAL Punishment Report - How To Submit A Report

    Hi, Thanks for being intrested in submitting a Punishment Report. You can do so here: https://www.victrixnetwork.com/index.php?form/punishment-report.4/select Thanks, Callum.
  5. TotallyNotCallum

    OFFICIAL Bug Report - How To Submit A Bug Report

    Hi, Thanks for being intrested in submitting a bug report, you can do so here: https://www.victrixnetwork.com/index.php?form/bug-report.3/select Thanks, Callum.
  6. TotallyNotCallum

    Staff Applications Open!

    Hey Guys, Just a reminder. Staff Applications are open, head to the staff application form at the bottom of the forums to apply. Best of luck, Callum.